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Book Me Bob appoints Mr Venkat Subramanian to its board of directors

Myma Digital Ltd is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Venkat Subramanian to its board of directors. Mr Subramanian will also hold the role of Strategic Advisor for the company and be responsible for overseeing a robust global business growth plan and the governance of our “Independent Advisory Board”.

Venkat will be making announcements soon about the Book Me Bob Independent Advisory Board. Venkat said “seats on the Advisory Board already read like the who’s who of New Zealand business but we are still looking for two more experts in the SaaS industry and global business affairs to round out the board”.

Venkat is an authentic, passionate and highly accomplished CA Executive. He has over two decades of experience identifying and pursuing investments, partnerships and process improvement opportunities. He has played a key leadership role across mergers and acquisitions, strategic planning, risk management, transformation, continuous improvement and change management. Venkat has a proven track record tripling sales volume, profitability and return on investment outcomes. He thrives on building high performing teams by not only attracting the highest calibre of employees but inspiring excellence through role modelling as well. He is the ideal board member and director for this new company that is transitioning into a very viable, scalable global company.

Venkat has been involved in start-up businesses and the one that most New Zealanders will have heard about is 2degrees NZ Ltd, New Zealand’s third largest telco. Venkat was part of the start team back in 2007 and has since held various senior internal positions over his 13 year career with 2degrees from Chief Customer Operations Officer (3 years), Chief Financial Officer (8 years) and most recently, Chief Strategy Officer (2 years). During this time he has helped the company grow from start-up status to over $500m annual service revenue.

Book Me Bob CEO & Co Founder - Mr David Thompson – states: “I am extremely excited with the appointment of Mr Venkat Subramanian. It is an honour to share a board table with Mr Subramanian and to have his guidance, financial and strategic knowledge and global outlook. Mr Subramanian’s reservoir of knowledge and experience will ensure Book Me Bobs place as the market leader of AI Chatbot technology for hotels around the world”.

Mr Venkat Subramanian

“It’s a privilege to be asked to join the board and be a director of Myma Digital Ltd. I am excited to be involved in this amazing and innovative company. All around the world, the hospitality industry is in dire need of support and I believe this company will have a positive impact on the industry's future and help change the way we serve in the world of hospitality.

When I was first introduced to Book Me Bob AI Chatbot technology six months ago, I walked away from that meeting in complete awe of what the co-founders had created. For the next week I couldn’t stop thinking about the product so I phoned the co-founders, told them that they are on to a winner, I wanted to be part of it somehow and the rest is history. It is so exciting to be part of something that I know will change the world. 

The evolution of the hospitality industry has begun with an AI chatbot from Book Me Bob. I am honored, delighted and excited to be on this incredibly revolutionary journey.” 

2020 was a year of survival, learning, re-inventing, innovating and perfecting our online platform at Book Me Bob.

2021 is the year of evolution, transition & growth, as we assist and serve the world with innovation and technology advances in the next 12 months enabling the hospitality sector to thrive and become strong again.

For more information about our global growth plans, please contact

Mr David Thompson

CEO & Co-Founder


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