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Features that empower

It's all about getting closer to your business goals of better margins and improved efficiencies.

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Available throughout the guest lifecycle


Provide answer to all the guest questions and encourages them to book.


Prepare guests for arrival with proactive messages and upsell offers.


Showcase your services with a QR code in rooms or through guest apps. 


Send surveys and answer questions about lost items, invoice copies, etc.

Works for everyone and everything


Resorts with features like golf, skiing, horseriding, spa and events.


Exclusive luxury lodges where experience and personalisation is key.


Hotels with rooms from 25 to all the way up to 1000, and more.

Camping Ground

Camping grounds with cabins, sites, and shared facilites.


Hostels with long stays, day stays, common areas for those budget guest.


All the activities and experiences that are part of the accomodation.

Holiday Home

Single or a number of holiday homes for vacational rentals.


A single or multiple restaurants as part of the accomidation.

Available where the customers are


Answer question of your website visitors, and convert them to bookers.


Answer question coming through Messenger, and encourage to book.

WhatsApp Business

Prepare guests for arrival and upsell with WhatsApp proactive messages.

Google Maps

Enable Chat button on Google Messages, to convert even more.


A popular messaging app in Asia is a go to app for 1 billion+ users.


Under pilot, you will be able to automate the voice calls for the inhouse guests.

Automates with GPT powered AI trained by hoteliers for hoteliers

AI Understanding

AI model trained with more than 500,000 phrases guests use.

Remembers guest

Contextual conversation with awareness of the past messages with the guest.

Knowledge Hub

Knowledge hub with all the information needed to answer queries accurately.

Collect Contacts

Collect valuable contact information with consent for remarketing.

Rich Messages

Support for sending images, links, buttons, videos and formatted text.

Encourages to Book

Suggests the most suited rooms, personalised for every guest.

Instant Feedback

Feedback is gather through a single click, helping to train AI models


Analyze, monitor and act based on what your guests are asking about.

On-going Training

A dedicated team of experienced hoteliers improving the AI model.

Powered by GPT

Generative AI, and context aware conversations powered by ChatGPT 

Clear handoff to staff with Live Chat & Ticketing

Multi Agent

Agent role for multiple staff members with ability to get online and offline.


Tickets for event/ conference enquiries, add-on's or booking changes.

Seamless Handover

Seamless handoff when a human touch is necessary, flagging agents to step in.

Ticket Routing

Auto ticket routing to the right person on your team for actioning.

Canned Responses

Send saved common responses  with just two keystrokes.


AI chatbot handover to Zendesk if that is the solution in use.

Chat Archives

All chats are stored and searchable through multiple filter options.

Availability Settings

Set agent availability time, to offer Live Chat option only in certain hours. 


Sound and visual notifications to ensure no chat goes unnoticed.

Reach out to prospective and confirmed guests using gentle but effective nudges

Room Recommender

Suggest the most suited rooms, personalised for every search


Proactively offer guests add-on's and the pre check-in information.

Promote Upsells

Promote upsells through proactive WhatsApp messages. 

Showcase Services

Showcase your services with a QR code in rooms or through guest apps. 

The Digital Guest Book that empowers your guests

Mobile First

We know your guests need the information on the go and thats what they get.

No App Downloads

Give guests the app experience without any downloads.

AI Assistant

Help is click away with the embedded AI assistant that knows your property.

Google Maps

Tell the guests about the area using the Google Maps integration. 

Integrations with apps and partners you use & trust

Committed to being an active part of the ecosystem, has an ever-growing list of integration partners with the organizations and systems that power the hotel ecosystem. 

Try it. It works.

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