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Book Me Bob: First Asian office open and many more to come

Despite these challenging times, premier NZ chatbot company Book Me Bob is bucking current trends and flying the NZ flag for tourism operators around the world. Leveraging their unique hospitality technology, which can now be seen as must-have for hotels, Book Me Bob marked their entry into Asia this week with on-ground representation in Singapore and three fully-trained staff to sell the product.

Book Me Bob Chief Growth Officer - Mr Riza Suryo - is highly excited by the growth plans in Asia. It made particular sense for our first Asian office to be located in Singapore as many of the major hotel groups have a presence here - being that Singapore is one of the central business hubs of Asia. The Book Me Bob team will also be able to service clients in neighbouring Bintan and Bantam.

COVID-19 has made everyone pause and think about their business - and now that most countries are on the road to recovery, the common belief is that hotels need to adapt new smart technology which will become part of their continuity plan and also use technology to save money on operational costs until business levels return to the good old days. Book Me Bob helps hoteliers achieve both.

Please all welcome the experience sales team for Singapore’s Book Me Bob representation

Ms Fay Gauna Lugue

Business Associate

Singapore, Bintan and Batam

MS Genny Lim

Business Associate


Mr Michael Chow

Business Associate

Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia

For more information about our global growth plans , please contact

Mr Riza Suryo

Chief Growth Officer - Global

Book Me Bob


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