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Top 3 ways hoteliers can reduce operating costs

Businesses around the world face new limitations due to the shifting economy, with the hospitality sector hit especially hard. As hotels gradually return to full operation, the question of finding success in today’s “new normal” remains.

During this time, hoteliers should focus on renewing growth by reducing overall costs: this means changing out old processes, streamlining and exploring new technologies that may help accomplish this.

But where do you begin? Here are three simple things that hoteliers can start doing now to improve their hotel’s performance while reducing overheads.

Save energy, save money

Thinking green is the way of the future - not just because it’s good for the planet, but it’s also good for the budget. Utilities are tied as the highest controllable cost for hoteliers, which means that investing in energy efficiency solutions can result in significant savings over time. Some examples of energy-saving utilities include LED bulbs (which are up to 85% more efficient than regular bulbs) and upgraded air conditioning.

The key to saving money on utilities is to ensure that every strategy is fully considered before implementation; the upfront cost may be higher, but the savings you see long-term are sure to add up.

Streamline and enhance the guest experience

These days, everything is online. Positive reviews and word of mouth are valuable tools for gaining new business, so hotels should focus on making the booking experience as smooth as possible.

Standard practise for hotels is to take bookings via email, phone or other booking services. However, the cost to maintain an active desk can be high - especially if you want to be available to guests 24/7. This is where new technology comes in again to make a difference.

To stay competitive, many hotels are turning to Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate tasks. Chatbots in particular have been adopted by businesses across the spectrum to enhance customer service by providing always-online support. These bots answer common queries, take bookings and more - for 1/10th the cost of just one human worker.

The premier example in this industry is Book Me Bob, a chatbot designed specifically by hoteliers for hoteliers. Since Bob was created to fit the hospitality industry, he works to your needs without compromise and scales up or down depending on your capacity (meaning you can keep expenses even lower)!

Modernise back-of-house operations

After considering the guests, it’s also important to have a solid foundation. In this competitive economy, successful businesses are utilising Artificial Intelligence not just for their outward operations, but also to streamline systems and collect data that can be used to inform their next moves. These valuable insights can help you pivot as needed and future-proof the hotel for unexpected challenges.

Book Me Bob can help with this! Bob doesn’t just chat to guests; he learns from his conversations to improve responses and delivers analytics that show what guests want to know, when they’re most active online and anything in between.

Now is the ideal time for hoteliers to take action in reducing costs to create longevity. These top three ways to cut overheads namely rely on technology - where there may be an upfront investment in some cases, but the savings long-term can help future-proof the business.

Book Me Bob is both affordable to set up and benefits your bottom line, while improving the guest booking experience at every stage. Book in a free demo and sign up for your Bob trial any time!

Contact us any time to book in a demo and claim your free trial of the Bob hospitality chatbot.

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