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What is Conversational Marketing and Why Your Property Needs It Now!


Conversational marketing is the fastest way to move potential guests through your booking process using the power of real-time conversations. It engages potential guests in dialogue-driven, personalized experiences at a one-on-one level. It enables properties to gain unique insights whilst building relationships and creating authentic guest experiences.

41 million messages are sent out every minute (Statista)

Have you noticed recently that your guests are trying to communicate with you through more and more channels? We used to just get telephone calls and emails but now we are being bombarded with messages from Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and even on our mobiles.

It seems that people love to message because it is fast, easy, and feels like a conversation. It is not surprising that w receiving messages from different platforms when it has been reported that 90% of consumers want to use messaging to communicate with businesses.

As an industry we have been slow to pick up on this. Is your business still forcing people to complete online forms to sign up for your newsletter? Your potential guests do not have time for this anymore! The stats bare this out, the average email open rate has fallen to 20% and average landing page conversation rate is now reportedly only 2.35%

If you still have an email sign up form on your website you need to understand that this process has become cold, impersonal and way more painful to your potential guest than it needs to be.

How do we Engage with Conversational Marketing?

For most properties, the quickest and easiest way to give your potential guests a way to communicate with you when and how they want is to invest in a chatbot.

Now, I know that chatbots can be scary, some of the simple chatbots have been awful to use and we have all fallen victim to the live chat messages that say that someone will get back to you soon! Let us not even talk about futuristic AI, that will take over the world and steal your jobs!

Times have changed and artificial intelligence has come good, really good! So good, in fact, that people even think they are communicating with a human!

Still not convinced – check out these stats:

Why Your Property Needs Conversational Marketing Now!

Market Leaders

Conversational marketing is still in its infancy. Early adopters become a market leader in the digital experience. Not only do early adopters stand to establish themselves as innovators in the industry but also stand to raise the bar in guest experience and expectations.

You create a more human buying experience

With conversational marketing your website becomes an interactive experience rather than a generic brochure.

Maximise Front Office and Reservations Staff

Conversational marketing will take the pressure off your reservations and front office staff allowing them the time to do what they do best – look after your guests.

Deliver a standardized brand message every time!

Have you recently checked how disjointed your guest communication is? Ask staff from different departments a standard question and you will be given a myriad of different answers. Imagine if you could ensure you team gives a consistent, branded answer to that question repeatedly. Well, now it can!

Drive Direct Bookings

I recently read that 50% of people who find your property on will visit your website but that only 10% of those website visitors will book directly with you. A quality AI chatbot will add an instore type of experience which will drive direct bookings.

Increased Conversion Rates

How much do you spend on driving potential guests to your website? An AI Chatbot helps you to maximise your return on investment. Simply put, talking to potential guests will keep them on your site longer, boosting your organic SEO and increasing conversion.

Improved customer satisfaction

Guest satisfaction, not just with their stay but with the booking experience is on of the major factors in determining referrals.

Powerful data

Conversational marketing allows you to learn more about your potential guests than ever before. AI Chatbots gather information about every conversation. In January, Australian engaged in 42,943 online conversations. Just imagine what we know about your potential guests!

Conversational marketing is real, your potential guests like to use it, it increases direct bookings, delivers an exceptional guest experience whilst saving you money and eases the stress of your staff. A good industry AI Chatbot costs about the same a one room night a month.

Why wouldn’t you engage?

Contact us to learn more.


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