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ChatGPT: Shaping Future Hospitality Communication

Everyone is talking about #ChatGPT and a lot of us have already experienced it on Microsoft Bing or directly on the ChatGPT website. If you have not yet tried it, give it a go, and you will be amazed!

Comparison of ChatGPT to the Current AI Chatbots

I don't think anyone should argue that ChatGPT is better than any chatbot your would have even interacted with. It is miles better at generating human-like responses with powerful reasoning capabilities.

It is built on top of OpenAI's GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 families of large language models (LLMs) and has been fine-tuned using both supervised and reinforcement learning techniques. The models are trained on a massive corpus of text data, around 570GB of datasets, including web pages, books, and other sources.

Besides acting as a Chatbot, ChatGPT can do a lot other tasks. For example, it can write computer programs, write essays, build travel itineraries, and even write poetry and compose music.

Now, ChatGPT, or any technology is not without their limitations. To truly leverage the full potential of the technology, we need to understand what they do well — and perhaps more importantly, what their limitations are.

See the example below of how ChatGPT vs. your own AI Chatbot will answer the Check-in time question. Using ChatGPT is like having an untrained team member on reception giving guests incorrect information – you just would not do it!

The challenge as well as the opportunity is to utilize ChatGPT's flawless conversational abilities, combining it with the accuracy of the current AI Chatbots.

If we compare ChatGPT to the current AI Chatbots like, here are the key strengths of each.

ChatGPT Strengths:

  • Better than any chatbot ever

  • Maintains context for follow-up questions

  • ChatGPT can understand long, complex requests

  • Possibly the best automated word crafter

  • To be able to deliver such an amazing experience, ChatGPT is trained on a vast amount of data AI Chatbot Strengths

  • Responds accurately and factually about your property. On the other hand, ChatGPT can generate very convincing responses that are not accurate.

  • Responds with links, images, videos, and follow-up buttons

  • Presents personalized rooms and availability to guests

  • Integrates to the most common Property Management Systems

  • Integrates to the most common Booking Engines

  • Integrate to multiple communication channels like website, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Google Messages, and more

  • A purpose build dashboard for hoteliers

  • Live Chat capabilities

  • Actionable insights

The Best of Both Worlds

ChatGPT and the future of Hospitality
The best of both worlds

ChatGPT is a big step forward to create amazing conversational guest experiences, and combining them with the power of your hotel data, as well as the integration to your property systems, the results could be revolutionary. On the other hand, if the AI model generates answers that are not accurate to the input data, the Chatbot can misguide the guest, resulting in lost booking, wasted time, and unhappy guests.

That’s why it is so important to layer models, processes, and guardrails that are capable of refining the inputs and controlling for the outputs on top of ChatGPT.

No doubt, the potential for ChatGPT to drive innovation and drive businesses forward makes it an essential technology for hotels to adopt, and the time is now.

Like you, we are excited about the possibilities of ChatGPT, and our team has been working tirelessly to bring the ChatGPT style experiences to the hotels while ensuring the accuracy, on-brand, and predictability that hotels demand.

Stay up to date with our findings and progress as we demystify this hype and dive deep into embracing this incredible technology for our fellow hoteliers.

For now, we will leave you with a very easy to adopt, but useful use of ChatGPT - content generation. See this example below, and again if you have not tried it already go to and give it a go.

About the Author:

Andy Dharmani

Co-Founder & CTO


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